Tours are available during and outside of business hours and are free to anyone who wants to learn about distilling.


If you are unable to make it to the distillery Fridays or Saturdays, then call or text us:

440-448-4234 (Doc's cell )

440-488-9463 (Doc's wife, Sherri's cell).


If phones aren't your thing , e-mail or contact us on Facebook.


We can set up a time that works for you.  We will work with you however you contact us and get you in to see our business.

The Distillery offers tasting to anyone who wishes to purchase them. They are 50 cents each and are a quarter oz per tasting. The Federal government mandates that each person can only be served 4, quarter oz tastings per day so if you would like more, you will have to purchase a bottle... or two!

Speaking of bottles, all of our products are available for sale at the Distillery and local State Liquor Stores.


Again, the Federal government only allows us to sell two bottles per person per day, so if you want more (and we're sure you will !) we will have to serve you on two different days.

Thank you for your interest in Doc's. It is a local, family owned business that is proud to be a part of your community. If you would like to get updates and the latest news about Docs, please  sign up through e-mail, phone, Facebook, the website, or in person at Doc Howard's  Distillery in Perry, Ohio.

We are looking forward to serving you soon!

The Howards

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