At Doc Howard’s Distillery it is all about flavor. This means every step of our production has been carefully crafted and controlled by the outcome – taste! The preparation and fermentation has been customized to maximize the flavor of our products.  In the distillation process, only the highest quality and best flavor profiles of the distillate are used in our production. We then use our custom purification and aging process to refine our products into the final flavor profile we desire and you will love.

The distillation process has three key stages that Doc monitors to collect only the best production for our spirits.  The first product to come out is called the 'foreshots' which is where the nasty tastes come from in some other spirits. We discard them giving us a superior product.  Then comes the 'heads' which contain most of the flavor of the spirits: some good and some bad.  This is where Doc uses the taste of the product to determine what to keep and what to throw away.  The primary souce of alcohol is the next stage where Doc collects the  'hearts'.  Remember: the heads have the flavor but the hearts have the alcohol! Doc is very precise on when to start collecting and when to stop.  This is called 'making the cuts'.  Taste is all about making the correct and most flavorful cuts.

The entire process is driven by the small distillery model that was prevalent before prohibition. In this model the spirits were produced by a family business and consumed locally. Doc Howard’s strives to use local materials in our spirit production to meet consumer taste profiles.

Doc's is open for business most Friday and Saturday's so come in and sample our spirits and give us your opinions. Free tours are available outside business hours by calling, e-mails, posts on Facebook or a message on here to schedule a tour. If we hear a good idea we can put it to use in the next batch Doc cooks up! The staff at Doc Howard’s has all the expertise needed to create any spirit to your liking.  Our only goal is to provide Northeast Ohio (and beyond) with spirits that they can call their own.

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